The completely live and interactive site that gives you vip access into the world of Corylive. If you’ve been to a live television show taping, a killer party that went all night or just happened to turn your tv on chances are, you alread know Cory Live! From Hosting Game Show’s, Reality Programming and entertainment magazines to spinning at the hottest international parties and hyping crowds for show tappings of American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and many more, Cory is all about keeping it “LIVE”.

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Group shot of my rockstar balcony that derekhough had to come up to and say hi!! @dancingabc #dwts @http://t.co/1xj37TkpOb

5 hours ago

If you've never been to a @dancingabc live show taping then you're missing out on THIS!! #danceparty… http://t.co/aL4Zyi5JOG

17 hours ago

derekhough surprises a studio guest during a commercial break!! #DWTS @dancingabc! LOVE the reaction!… http://t.co/xz0QokQKMZ

22 hours ago

Live shot during judges critiques. #DWTS @dancingabc @ Dancing with the Stars @ CBS studios http://t.co/zyHbgsE2lq

23 hours ago

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  • SEPTEMBER 10th  (Los Angeles):      Private Corporate Event          #DJLife #HostLife
  • SEPTEMBER 12th (San Diego):
    Private VIP Mixer
    #hoteldel #RHB #DJLIFE 
  • SEPTEMBER 13th (LA):
    Private VIP Event
  • SEPTEMBER 15th (LA):  Dancing with the Stars Premiere #DWTS #HostLife
  • SEPTEMBER 16th (LA):    Dancing with the Stars          #HostLife #DWTS
  • SEPTEMBER 22nd (LA):           Dancing with the Stars     #HostLife #DWTS
  • SEPTEMBER 29th (LA):       Dancing with the Stars #HostLife #DWTS

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